David - 02/11/2020

David - 02/11/2020

Y3 Taureau Red Wine 2016

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      This wine is one of the first bottles I really got into when I first started working here at Redneck Wine, and I'm glad I did.

     I have always been partial to blends, and the fact that this one leaned into more of the dry and structured territory really impressed me. It is also really affordable [$19.99], which also allowed me to try it multiple times through multiple vintages. All that being said, the Y3 Red from Jax Vineyards is one of my favorite bottles for the price in the entire store. It's an added bonus (and perhaps explains a few things) that the winemaker is Kirk Venge of Venge Vineyards!

     If you are looking for a new favorite in the $20 price range, you would be wise to try some Y3 Red. I did, and now I have a few bottles of it in my wine fridge at home virtually all the time.


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