Joe - 02/25/2020

Joe - 02/25/2020

Italian Red Wines

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Chianti still bears some scars of the era of tart wine in fiasco bottles on the tables of American Italian restaurants.  Since the mid 90s, Chianti has experienced vast improvements in quality, with many remarkably great bottlings. We recently promoted the Carpineto 2015 Chianti Classico Riserva.  2015 is a solid, power vintage for Chianti. We’ve had the Carpineto Riserva for quite some time and it was a go-to Chianti for me with good value at $21.99 retail. Recently, we did a larger buy and have it for $19.97 - even better!  

2015 is a good year to explore the Sangiovese based wines of Tuscany.  2016 looks to be equal, if not for power, for elegance. We’ll look forward to 2016 while in the meantime enjoying several excellent 15s in stock.

While on the subject of Italy, we tasted some interesting value wines from a small distributor.  It’s hard to find space for new labels from the little guys, but we thought it would be worthwhile to allow these folks to show their stuff in a Friday night tasting.  That will happen this week on the 28th.


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