100pt Bibi Graetz Testamatta Toscana (Super-Tuscan) Great Price, Don't Miss Out!

Click Here to Buy 100pt Bibi Graetz Testamatta Toscana (Supertuscan) at a Great Price - Don't Miss Out!

Here at Redneck where we strive for perfection (It ain't easy) but sometimes we come across wine perfection and the Bibi Graetz Testamatta hit the perfect 100pts. So as usual, Redneck not only delivers a perfect wine, but one heck of price! When looking around, the average price was over $100.00! So grab it before perfection passes you by. In fact, the winery/winemaker didn't even make a 2017 vintage because the grapes and juice we not up to par with the wine's standards! That speaks volumes about the care and attention to detail that this winery puts into each and every bottle. When they get 100 point ratings, as we would say at Redneck, it sure seems like they know what they're doing. "Testa-Matta” in Italy is someone with a strong personality, a distinctive style and positive attitude and creativity. No other name could describe better Bibi Graetz flagship wine. Supertuscan made with 100% Sangiovese from old vines, this wine is the result of the combination of tradition and creativity, elevating the idea of Tuscan Sangiovese and bringing the word “Supertuscan” to the next level. Stay safe, stay healthy and drink well. Tim Alberdi Redneck Wine Crew