100pt Red in Magnums and 750s and 95pt Cab in 750s and Half Bottles - One For The Cellar and One For The Table!

Click Here to Buy 100pt Red For The Cellar and 95pt Cab For The Table

These deals are about as straightforward as they get. The 2018 Continuum Red is one of the most prized bottles to have adorning your wine cellar (or, lucky you, your table). 100 points, and it comes in 1.5L Magnums and 750ml bottles! Both sizes will lay down beautifully of course, the magnum though is that extra bit of awesome. While the Continuum rests in the cellar though, you need something to pop open to keep yourself distracted. The 2018 Mount Veeder Cabernet Sauvignon has 95 points and a price tag under $30.00, what an awesome ratio. That price may be going away soon, so stock up while you can. One to sleep and one to drink, you pick which one's which, just make sure they eventually all end up in the drink pile. David Werlin Redneck Wine Crew