2018 Typesetter Cabernet $100.00 Napa Cabernet for $29.99

Buy The 2018 Typesetter Napa Valley Cabernet and Treana Cabernet by Austin Hope

Here at Redneck we do our best to bring you deal after deal, so here comes the Typesetter Cabernet once again! This juice was produced by a winery (they still will not tell us which one) that sells high-end Cabernet (over $100 bottles) but needed some cash quickly, so they sold of the juice and Typesetter was created. This is top selling Cabernet at Redneck and once you taste it you will understand. We also grabbed a bunch of the Trena Cab from Austin Hope. a tremendous Cabernet for under $20, think of it like Austin Hope Cab's little brother. It's in no way short on flavor itself, and yet you can get three bottles for the price of one Austin Hope Cab (at retail price). These two Cabs can do some serious Holiday Heavy-Lifting, and you will be happy they're around to help. Stay safe, stay healthy and drink well. Tim Alberdi Redneck Wine Company