2018 Typesetter Cabernet - $100 Napa Cabernet for $29.99 - Back AGAIN!

Buy The 2018 Typesetter Napa Valley Cabernet

The Typesetter Cabernet Sauvignon needs no introduction at Redneck Wine. Last time we sent out an email on it (just a few days ago), it sold out in UNDER AN HOUR! We of course reloaded on it ASAP, and we are excited to say we got plenty more in today. I say 'plenty more' but if you want this wine (and trust me, you do), I suggest you click the button down below in this email and get your bottles now, because a few cases have already found their way to good homes. One thing we've learned is a $29.97 Cabernet that should be $100 doesn't wait around, so neither should you! A comment on vintage: The Redneck consensus is that the 2018 vintage is a step up from the 2017, which was already worth it. That makes this return of Typesetter Cabernet Sauvignon an even better deal! David Werlin Redneck Wine Company