50% OFF - 94pt New Vintage 2016 Inglenook Cabernet $100.00 at the Winery - $49.97 At Redneck

Click Here to Buy 94pt 2016 Inglenook Cabernet $100.00 at the Winery $49.97 At Redneck

The new 2016 Vintage Inglenook Cabernet Sauvignon rolled into the shop, and I could not wait to open one. I really love the way that Inglenook has held on to its roots and how old-school flavor focused they are. If you're a Cab drinker, the only thing you could possibly love more than drinking this foundational winery's latest vintage is the price that Redneck has it for. The winery is selling it for $100, and when we managed to get this deal, we got as much as we could, and cut the price in half to $49.97. Big, oldschool Cab, stellar Winery with a big reputation, great score, and half off. Wow, is this deal too good? The wine is fantastic by the way. Stay safe, stay healthy and drink well. David Werlin Redneck Wine Crew