91, 92, 94pt Rare Older Vintages - Spectacular Chateau Sociando Mallet Haut Medoc Bordeaux

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Perhaps unsurprisingly, Tim and I usually have a bit of a communication about what's being sent out in an email like this one, and this time is no exception. Tim messaged me last night about this particular email-to-be, and what he said sure caught my attention! You see, Tim popped a bottle of the 2000 vintage Chateau Sociando Mallet Haut Medoc Bordeaux, and said it is spectacular! I've been around the shop long enough to know that if Tim says something like that about a wine, it must be one to grab. Lucky for you guys we have 3 different vintages available (we even have a couple magnum bottles of the 2010!) ranging from 11 years old to 21 years old! You know you're in for a treat if your bottle of Bordeaux is old enough to order its own drinks at the bar. I could wax on about how Bordeaux is designed to be aged like this, or I could get lost in reminiscing about the vintage Bordeaux that I've been lucky enough to open (thanks Dad!) but I think you get it. If you don't just buy a few bottles and you will! Click the button below and shop these spectacular bottles now! Stay safe, stay healthy and drink well. David Werlin Redneck Wine Crew