91pt Burgundy Bargain - One Of The Hidden Gems Of Pommard

Click Here to Buy The 91pt Burgundy Bargain one of the hidden gems of Pommard

Having lunch at Old Heights Bistro (a truly hidden Tampa gem) with some good buddies for me always includes some good vino. Last time, I grabbed a bottle of the 2016 Parent Bourgogne (located in Pommard) on the way out, it had been a while since I last drank this wine. The purpose of these long lunches is all about wine and friendship. Well, the Parent Bourgogne surprised us all- flat out delicious (just like the food). I have since bought all the remaining inventory. Now, with the price of Burgundy these days you do not hear the word 'bargain' mentioned much. So what the heck? I'll say it, it's a bargain! Two things you should do- grab a few bottles, and checkout Old Heights Bistro. Guaranteed both will be a pleasant surprise. Tim Alberdi Redneck Wine Crew