91pt Peju Napa Sauvignon Blanc - 25%+ OFF

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I'll admit it; Sauvignon Blanc is not my favorite grape that's put into a bottle. I'll have a glass if one is offered though, and boy am I glad I got offered this one a while back! The 2019 Peju Napa Sauvignon Blanc has all the brightness and energy of a Summer Day, but with minimal acidic bite. Napa Sauv Blanc can sometimes lean a bit too far on the fruity side, but this doesn't do that either. There's just enough rounded craftsmanship to it that you can't help but want another sip, even if you thought you weren't the biggest fan at first, and especially if you already love it! 91pts at 25%+ off the regular price is a heck of a deal on top of that too! They also make some fantastic reds, click the link below. Stay safe, stay healthy and drink well. David Werlin Redneck Wine Crew