92, 93 Point Anderson Valley and Los Carneros Pinot Noirs - 50% OFF - WOW!

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Here at Redneck we strive to bring you the best wine at the best prices. Sometimes it takes a head-lock, and other times... Well, it's just almost too easy. We prefer the easy route, but occasionally a good old fashioned Redneck ass whopping and a head lock is needed. This time around it was just too easy as I sipped on the wine I was googling reviews and pricing. The wines were quite nice, so next up "what's the pricing?" I asked. The reps told me and I politely asked, "Are you sure?" They assured me they were, so I just placed the order. Both wines at 50% off winery price okay and thank you - no head lock needed. Only 320 cases produced of the Landy, 440 cases of Edict Pinot Noir. Stay safe, stay healthy and drink well. Tim Alberdi Redneck Wine Crew