92 & 93 Point Bordeaux Deals & More! Good Bordeaux - There's Nothing Else Like It

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Bordeaux is at least a memorable phase in most wine drinker's experiences I would think, and for at least lots of them that I know, that 'phase' sure has stuck with them. Myself included. There is nothing else in this world like a good Bordeaux. It has been around officially for almost 900 years, and unofficially (before the region was named) for a hell of a lot longer than that (Maybe even back to 60 BCE!). It is impressive to stay at the top of the rankings for so long and STILL be on your game. That's why I love it when we can find some real deals on solid Bordeaux bottles, and you should too, check these out! The 2016 Chateau Larose-Trintaudon Haut Medoc has 92 points, and has been a welcome sight at Redneck for a good while now for good reason, oh and it's $21.99! We also have some newcomers, like the 93 point, 2016 Chateau La Fleur de Bouard which I tried a bottle of last night, and once it opened up, it REALLY opened up. WOW. Underscored if you ask me, and I don't often say that. Check them out, and more below! Stay safe, stay healthy and drink well. Click the link below and grab some now. We are open regular hours for walk in traffic, Online orders, for local delivery and curbside pick up. You can choose at checkout. David Werlin Redneck Wine Company