92 Point Olema Cabernet Sauvignon - Plus A Chardonnay & Pinot Noir

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With a fresh year ahead of us, let's keep it simple with a Cab, Chard and Pinot, keep it delicious by getting wine from an amazing winery, like Amici for example, and make it a deal by getting Amici's 'side project', Olema. The Olema Chardonnay is bright and crisp with a balancing amount of toasted oak to round the edges and is really a superb value at under $16! The Pinot Noir is their newest addition (at least to Redneck's shelves) and has proven itself to be a solid and smooth under $20 hose bottle. If you want to branch out of your daily-drinker and you love Pinot, this is one to check out for sure Finally the Cabernet Sauvignon. 92 points, under $25 is good as it is, but consider the elegance and intelligence that goes into the crafting of this bottle, and it gets a big WOW from me! I love when you can really tell that the winemaker was paying attention while doing their job, and the Olema has every ounce of that feel as Amici does at a fraction of the price. Stay safe, stay healthy and drink well. David Werlin -Redneck Wine Crew