92pt & 91pt Rosso di Montalcino At Deal Prices

Click Here to Buy The 92pt & 91pt Rosso di Montalcino At Deal Prices

I have been enjoying Rossos di Montalcino quite a bit over the past year. The quality has been excellent. Based on 100% Sangiovese, these wines offer a great alternative to Chianti. Rossos come from Brunello territory. While typically lighter, less extracted and released younger than Brunello, the best examples (like these) give you shades of Brunello character at lower prices. Thanks to a supplier clearance, we are able to offer these two bottlings at much reduced prices. I have recommended these quite a bit on the floor myself, even at their normal prices. If you're a fan of Tuscan wines, and particularly of Sangiovese, you'll want to give them a try. Stay safe, stay healthy and drink well. Joe Zamrin Redneck Wine Crew