92pt Fleur de Mer & Wolffer Estate Summer In A Bottle Rose - Bring On Spring & Summer!

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My daughter is almost 2 years old now (I have no clue how that happened) and she LOVES playing with water. When I say playing, I mean filling measuring cups at the sink, spilling water out of cups onto the floor, and splashing whoever dares to try to stay dry during a bath! Water, everywhere. Well, my wife and I finally took the hint and took the water outside! We set up a sprinkler pad in my yard, and a couple chairs and I opened a bottle of the super refreshing 2019 Fleur de Mer Rose (92pts), took a sip and enjoyed being out in the sun. My floors were finally dry, and my wife and I had glasses of perfect spring to sip on, though we still somehow kept getting splashed! The Wolffer Estate Summer In A Bottle doesn't have a score yet, but it is fast becoming a shop favorite. It really is delicious, and you never know when you might need to bring a little Summer somewhere. Click the button below for your own seasons at the pop of a cork. David Werlin Redneck Wine Crew