93pt Jordan Cabernet Deal is Back Again! With Library Vintages and Magnums!

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Jordan is a pioneer in California Cabernet. I remember back when I first started working in the wine business and drinking the 1978 Jordan Cabernet (back in 1985) I did not know much about wine (and I learn more everyday) and thinking WOW there is something about this wine that set's it apart. Well one thing that is special about Jordan Cabernet's is the ability to age beautifully and also drink young. This wine will fool you with it's exuberance youth and the ability to age. Sound Familiar it should kinda of like our Home town Super Bowl Champs the Tampa Bay Buccaneers full of youth and a beautifully aged QB. Stay safe, stay healthy and drink well. Click the link below and grab some now. We are open regular hours for walk in traffic, Online orders, for local delivery and curbside pick up. You can choose at checkout. Tim Alberdi Redneck Wine Company