95pt & 93pt Vintage Spanish Beauties - Time Flies When The Ageing Is Already Done!

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Since becoming a Dad, I've begun to really notice that effect of time going by faster and faster. I can't believe my Daughter is almost 2 years old already! I heard the same from my Parents growing up of course, but now I think I am really starting to know what they meant. Speeding up time in the right way can be beneficial though, like these bottles of Spanish Red. The ageing has been done for you! The 2009 Perez Pascuas El Pedrosal Reserva (at more than half off it's release price!) has become a big go-to for me personally and I just LOVE it every time. The 2017 CVNE Vina Real Crianza Rioja while not as aged, is still vintaged purposefully. It's fantastic too, 93 points and under $15! Wow. Sure, you could always add to the age and nuance by giving them a nap in the cellar, but these bottles are drinking beautifully right now. They taste like you laid them down in your cellar and really had to wait for them to be ready yourself. I won't tell if you don't. Stay safe, stay healthy and drink well. David Werlin Redneck Wine Crew