95pt & 94pt Domaine Drouhin Pinot Noirs - French Winemaking on American Soil

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I love when artisans, craftsmen and the like from one place mix with another to do the things they do best, oftentimes the results are amazing. I especially love it when food and drink are involved (you end up with things like my favorite tacos- Al Pastor!). Domaine Drouhin in Oregon is owned and operated by the French winemaking Drouhin Famliy. These wines are the definition of French elegance with the full flavor and solid tannin structure perfectly befitting home-grown Oregon Pinot. With 94 and 95 point reviews, clearly the 2017 Drouhin Oregon and 2017 Drouhin 'Laurène' Dundee Hills Pinot Noirs feel right at home. Invite a few on over to your place. David Werlin Redneck Wine Crew