95pt & 96pt Epic Collector Deals - These Three Bottles Are Cellar Magic

Click Here to Buy 95pt & 96pt Epic Collector Deals - These Three Bottles Are Cellar Magic

Whether you're looking for the next jewel to lay down in your cellar, or are starting your wine collection from bottle 1 (gotta start somewhere, right?), these three epic bottles are also epic deals. These California Reds carry some big names, and even bigger flavors and prestige! The 2012 Cain Concept is of "One of the best Napa vintages of recent history, the 2012 expresses all the warm, generous fruitiness which Cabernet Sauvignon can offer when grown in the best sites of the Napa Valley. It is simply bursting with fragrant aromas of fruit, flowers, tobacco and spice, all layered over a zesty, juicy structure that promises many years to come." Plus, 95pts. The 2016 Signorello Padrone Cabernet Sauvignon has 95pts as well, and you know it means business the second you pour it into your glass- deep luxurious fruit and rich spiced tannin balanced so well, and stronger together. The 2016 Groth Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon has an impressive 96pts and the coveted Wine Spectator 2019 Top 100 #4 spot amongst its bragging rights, which is saying something since one of their top moments was when the 1985 vintage Groth Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve was the first California wine to receive a 100pt score from Robert Parker! Perfect cellar magic in a bottle(s), click the button below. David Werlin Redneck Wine Crew