95pt Argentinian Cabernet Franc Reserva - High Altitude Elegance For $14.97

Click Here to Buy The 95pt Argentinian Cabernet Franc - High Altitude Elegance For $14.97

Argentina is usually brought up in reference to Malbec, but if you go higher up the right mountain range, somewhere around 3600 feet above sea level you might find the wonderful vineyard growing Cabernet Franc for Fabre Montmayou. We have the 95 point Reserva 2019 for a heck of a deal- $14.97! I drank this last night, and was honestly blown away at the intensity of flavor and equally charmed by its elegance. Wines like this really can remind you that there is a LOT more out there to wine, and who doesn't want to be transported to where this wine was made? I mean, just look at the picture below and you'll get it. Then click the button and stock up! Stay safe, stay healthy and drink well. David Werlin Redneck Wine Crew