95pt Marietta Cellars Roman Zinfandel $19.97

Click Here to Buy The 95pt Marietta Cellars Roman Zinfandel $19.97

Marietta's wines have always been one of the best wine bargains across the board for decades, and it seems that the last few vintages they have really kicked up the quality but not the price. Really?! 95pts for under $20.00?! Yes, really. Named after cellarmaster Román Cisneros who has worked at Marietta for over 32 years, this Estate Zinfandel is from the Angeli estate vineyard in Alexander Valley and the McDowell Valley estate vineyard. One of the grape varieties that Marietta is famous for, this wine captures the bright, juicy character of Zinfandel, and hearkens to an era before dark, thick and oaky styles of Zinfandel took hold. The Virgin of Guadalupe on the label is a nod to Roman’s dedication, selflessness, and sacrifice, both for the Bilbro family and his own. It is also a nod to the Mexican-American heritage of Roman and many of Marietta’s crew members. Stay safe, stay healthy and drink well. Tim Alberdi Redneck Wine Crew