95pt Merum Priorati 'Desti' Priorat 2017 - A Marriage of Old & New World Style

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A perfect marriage is something to aspire to. That could be a marriage between two people, a joint venture, or in this case, a marriage of flavor and style between the Old World and the New World. Priorat is an Old World winemaking region, and so when we decanted and tried a bottle of the 2017 Merum Priorati 'Desti' Priorat, we thought we knew what to expect, but I at least was delightfully surprised that it was in fact much more than another good Old World Priorat (which I still would have loved). The 95 point score from Wine Spectator is easy to understand when you realize that this wine is pretty darn close to a perfect marriage of Old World depth of flavor and food friendliness, combined with New World drinkability and structure. Point is, we all really like this wine, it just tastes great. Plus, you never know, keeping a few of these around the house might just end up helping other marriages too. Stay safe, stay healthy and drink well. David Werlin Redneck Wine Crew