95pt Numanthia Toro 2012 - $29.97 And Drinking Beautifully

Click Here to Buy The 95pt Numanthia Toro 2012 - $29.97 And Drinking Beautifully

Sometimes in the wine world, you get surprised by an unexpected wine opportunity. In those moments it's important to remain calm, double-check that what you just read is actually real, and then pounce on it as fast, to get as much, as you can. Take, for instance, the Numanthia Numanthia Toro. The latest available vintage release that we saw before this deal was for the 2015, and it's an incredible bottle of wine. While the 2015 is currently unavailable, we thought we would be waiting a while for more Numanthia. To our happy surprise, a bunch of the 2012 vintage became available out of nowhere! We opened a bottle yesterday and OH MAN what a wine. The 2012 is perfectly aged right now. This is how you drink vintage Spanish Reds- with the aging done for you. On top of that, with a name like Numanthia, all you need is the Redneck Deal Price to make this wonderful wine your own. So here it is, $29.97 a bottle. An even better deal than the 2015! David Werlin Redneck Wine Crew