95pt Spanish Priorat Blowout At 29.97!

Click Here to Buy The 95pt Spanish Merum Priorati 'Desti' Priorat Blowout!

I'll be honest. This job (would ya believe it, haha) has a couple nice benefits, and I try to not take them for granted. Don't have to wear a suit and tie all day, but are indoors with A/C (in Tampa, that's huge) and, oh yeah, you get to try all the awesome wine! Man am I grateful for that The 2017 Merum Priorati 'Desti' Priorat at its normal price is absolutely worth it, but at $29.97 and rated 95 points?! WOW, this is a big blowout. This Red Spanish beauty is rich in flavor, with nice backbone of tannin and structure. Wonderful. Wine and deals like this are big highlights of working in the wine industry, grab some and be on the inside! Stay safe, stay healthy and drink well. David Werlin Redneck Wine Crew