96, 97, 98 Point Barolo & More - 2016, The Perfect Winemaking Year in Barolo!

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Nebbiolo, the grape used to make Barolo wine, is a tricky fruit to grow, I hear it can be as finicky as Pinot Noir. So what happens when the season's weather, just by chance, is absolutely perfect for growing Nebbiolo? When the season doesn't start late, or end early because of heat/cold? When it doesn't take any loss from a hailstorm? Well, you get a coveted Italian wine varietal with some of its best product in decades with more volume to it - that means value deals! Great deals on great wine is what Redneck is all about, so we jumped on quite a few earlier, and added even more recently! The scores and reviews speak for themselves, Barolo is one wine that really speaks for itself, a few are listed below. The only thing left to do now is for me to stop talking. ... Stay safe, stay healthy and drink well. David Werlin Redneck Wine Crew