96,97,98pt Cabernet - New Discovery Personal Favorites Are Back

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We all love surprises, especially in the land of Cabernet, and perpetually looking for the next and best hidden secret in Napa Valley. Well, sometimes you are looking in the wrong spot, and it takes a Sonoma producer that is turning out high-caliber wines that would be double the price in Napa to come along and show you where you should have been looking. So along comes Aperture. I was presented these wines a few months back and bought a few boxes. Now, I have a few thousand selections to pick from around here when it comes to opening a bottle, but I found that I kept picking these. They are definitely hard to resist popping open, and no reason why you shouldn't open one today, I love the way they are drinking now. and I'm sure they will evolve with some time in the cellar. Why wait? Tim Alberdi Redneck Wine Crew