96 Point Do Ferreiro REALLY Old Vine Albarino Cepas Vellas Rias Baixas- Planted in 1785!

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The words 'Old Vine' get tossed around a lot. It can be a big selling point for a particular varietal because the older the vines are, the deeper the roots grow. Deeper roots have access to more nutrients, grapes ripen more evenly on old vines too, making for a better harvest, and a more terroir driven product. The plain and simple rule of thumb is that old vines make better wines. That is why this is so exciting, the vines that bore the fruit for this Do Ferreiro 96 point Albarino were planted in 1785. That's only 9 years after the USA became a country! Wow. No wonder it got such a glowing review, that's a lot of flavor and history in one bottle for $57.97. Do Ferreiro also makes a 94 point Albarino that Tim said, and I quote, "Freaking DELICIOUS." Click the link below and get some liquid history in a bottle. Stay safe, stay healthy and drink well. David Werlin Redneck Wine Crew