96pt Patz & Hall and 95pt Walter Hansel Chardonnays

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Straight out of Russian River Valley CA we have two Chardonnay treats for you. First up, the 2017 Patz & Hall Dutton Ranch Chardonnay. Wonderfully warm and rich, when you grab a few of these for the winter season, you'll stay warm and you'll see (taste) why it has that 96 point score. The Walter Hansel label is a staple at Redneck, and we love each and every vineyard from Pinot to Chard. The 2019 Cahill Lane Vineyard has outdone itself this time. 95 points, and crafted by a winemaker who's goal is clearly to get the best out of their fruit. Hints of tropical fruit with a refreshing finish make this bottle a clear go-to for white wine lovers. David Werlin Redneck Wine Crew

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