96pt Pinot Noir That'll Save The Evening - Limited

Click Here to Buy 96pt RAEN Royal St. Robert Cuvee Pinot Noir 2018 Night-Saver

My wife Maura works from home, not too uncommon now-a-days, she also usually works much later than I do. We are both very lucky to have so much flexibility in our schedules to be able to take care of all our, and our 18 month old Daughter's, daily tasks. So, when I get home I usually jump right into baby dinner time or bath time, and Maura will move from standing at the kitchen countertop, recently decorated with peas, to her office to finish up her work day. Yesterday evening though, after suggesting twice to seemingly deaf ears that she move to her office, I knew it had been, and still was, a tough day for her. Instead of saying it a third time, I grabbed the corkscrew, a couple glasses, and opened the 2018 RAEN Royal St. Robert Cuvee Pinot Noir I brought how to try. That sure got her attention! She took a sip, marched into her office, laptop in one hand, glass in the other, crushed the end of her day, worked out, cleaned up and we had dinner together like I hope every other couple out there does. Point is, this wine might be magical. Sure it tastes great, and yes it has 96 points, and we have it for sale for at least %15 less than regular retail. But seriously, this bottle is the Night-Saver in my book. I'm gonna keep a few around, I suggest you do too! Stay safe, stay healthy and drink well. David Werlin Redneck Wine Crew