96pt Rose Champagnes and More - We Have A Lot To Celebrate

Click Here to Buy 96pt Rose Champagnes and More We Have A Lot To Celebrate

I say we keep the celebration going. Tampa Bay has had a sports year that not too many cities have accomplished, and the love of the city is as thick as the fog that rolls in some mornings. A Super Bowl and a Stanley Cup victory together are hard to top. Up next is Valentines day. A day of love and celebration, a day that can be a challenging holiday for guys, who are usually under tremendous pressure (like Patrick Mahomes by the Buc's defense) to get things just right for the person they love. But guess what guys and gals? You're off the hook, no pressure, it's your excuse to buy some great Champagne and wines to celebrate both Valentines and the Super Bowl (and claim it's for Valentines). Champagne (and especially Rose) is a favorite at my house, so I am sure we will pop a few nice bottles for Valentines Day (with the neighbors) and I will grab a few reds to toast not only my very patient wife, but Valentines Day and the love of the Tampa Bay's sport year and oh yea GO BUCS! Stay safe, stay healthy and drink well. Tim Alberdi Redneck Wine Crew