96pt Shaw + Smith Sauvignon Blanc - New Favorite White!

Buy The 96pt Shaw + Smith Sauvignon Blanc - New Favorite White!

OK, I'll admit it, I have not been keeping up with trying as many whites as I should. We all go through drinking phases though, and my new favorite bottle (coincidentally also the one that made me realize I should pay more attention to white wine again) is this, truly awesome, 2020 Shaw + Smith Sauvignon Blanc. A 96 point rated Australian Sauv Blanc that makes a decidedly exciting statement in the glass is not what I was expecting when I first opened a bottle, but that's for sure what I got! It's light and airy with a bite that still helps you keep your fight up against the heat- but this is much more than a beach/pool wine because it is perfect for a supper table or just an anytime sipper. Priced at $21.97 for 96 points, this is one to be sure you always have on hand. Seriously Delicious. Stay safe, stay healthy and drink well. David Werlin Redneck Wine Company