97,96,95pt Martinelli New Releases & More

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Martinelli has become more and more of an in-house wine at Redneck. I'll be honest, I have always loved their Zinfandel products, and I at first had some reservations about how well I thought good Zin makers could pull off Pinot Noir (and other varietals) but I found out pretty quickly by opening a few bottles, I never had anything to worry about. This winery knows how to make amazing wine no matter the type! We have some of the newest releases from Martinelli today, as well as a host of their other high scoring bottles. If this is your first introduction to them, I highly recommend the 2019 Martinelli Giuseppe and Luisa Zinfandel. Wow, it is a huge dark horse in the wine world now, and should cost a lot more. Also have great single vineyard Pinot & Chardonnay through the click below, check them out! Stay safe, stay healthy and drink well. David Werlin Redneck Wine Crew