97pt Immortal Cabernet Is Back Again (Just Like Tom Brady)

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Well Folks this wine just keeps coming back over and over (just like someone we all know) So let's keep the celebration going. I watched the Super Bowl again and OMG that defense was Incredible. Wow! What a great era for Tampa Bay! Stanley Cup winners, World series, and now the Immortal himself, Tom Brady comes to town and delivers a Super Bowl Victory for our city! Oh yeah, and don't you dare forget that defense. Well, the other Immortal (the Cabernet) is back. We keep selling out, and somehow when we think the wholesaler has run out, it comes back to life and more shows up. Kinda like Brady, just when think he's on the down side, WHAM! He springs back to life and delivers a Super Bowl. So, hey folks what a better way to celebrate than crack a bottle of Immortal Slope and cheers the Immortal Tom Brady (oh and that defense again too!). Go Bucs & Tampa Bay! Stay safe, stay healthy and drink well. Tim Alberdi Redneck Wine Crew