98pt Champagne Brut $299.99 at $49.97 Rose $399.99 at $69.97 - Let's Do Some Math

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I was never much of a student (barely got out of high school honestly) but math has always been easy for me, and this deal will show you that maybe I'm a math and Champagne savant, which is very rare, and so is this deal. The 98pt Mod Champagne Brut is usually $299.99 and the 98pt Rose $399.99. So let's break this down using 6pks: A 6pk Brut at retail is $1799.94. A 6pk at Redneck? $299.82! A Rose 6pk at retail is $2399.94. At Redneck, it's $419.82. I was never much of a student, but these numbers prove that school's not for everyone and I'm a Champagne Savant. Cheers! With The New Year on the way, and us all wanting to put 2020 in the rear view mirror, what better way to do it? This by far has been the craziest year of my life, and again, this is the craziest deal of my career on top. (Heck, the packaging alone is worth the money. Yes they come in the gift boxes!) Happy New Year! Selected as one of the finest Houses in Champagne, Mod Selection has a legacy dating back to 1892. Descended from a long line of growers and vignerons, the House has been producing Champagne in an exclusive area of the Vallee de la Marne for over five generations. Strict selection process at harvest, delicate extraction of first-press cuvee, meticulous settling stage and rigorous control of fermentations; all executed with exacting precision unique to the house production, preserve the natural balance and purity in each ethereal marque. Mod Selection is the purest expression of balance and terroir in Champagne today. Stay safe, stay healthy and drink well. Click the link below and grab some now. We are open regular hours for walk in traffic, Online orders, for local delivery and curbside pick up. You can choose at checkout. Tim Alberdi Redneck Wine Company