98pt Epoch Veracity, 98pt Epoch Authenticity

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We all enjoy great wines and should not wait on a special occasion to drink them. Although here in the Tampa Bay area we have had some special occasions to celebrate recently, a Super Bowl victory and Stanley Cup Champs to name a couple. It is also nice to support Wineries that take the long term approach in their business plan and care about the employees. Just read below, great wines and great owners. In Paso Robles, Jordan Fiorentini, winemaker for Epoch said the winery's owners, Bill and Liz Armstrong, refuse to let go any employees. "They told us 'It's no one's fault that we are in this situation'," she said, noting that the Armstrongs are taking the long view, and want to make sure Epoch can pick up where it left off with their same staff once all of this settles." Tim Alberdi Redneck Wine Crew