99, 98pt San Filippo Brunello's La Lucere Special Wines - Get Your Hard to Find Bottles Before They're Hard to Find!

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2016 Vintage Brunellos are winners for sure, and San Filippo makes very special wines. Put those two together, and you have some of the best Italian Wine in the market. In fact, the previous 2015 vintage of the Le Lucere Brunello was rated 97 points by Wine Spectator and also got a coveted #3 spot on their Top 100 List! The only problem is that typically when the list comes out, the wines are gone from shelves faster than you can read through the whole article. The 2016 is rated 98 points, so why wait until the Top 100 list comes out? Grab it now, as the price may go higher once it does get any more recognition. Don't fight the (digital) crowds and get your Top 100 bragging rights early by clicking the button below. P.S. We tasted the 2016 regular Brunello oh my it was great and very drinkable already. Stay safe, stay healthy and drink well. Tim Alberdi Redneck Wine Crew