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"There is no record in our Estate of a more gracious vintage over the last fifteen years, where there was time to carefully observe the ripening of the grapes and evolution of their flavors with such care and precision. Because of this, the 2018 Quintessa is one of the finest and purest representations that we have seen to date. It reflects a vintage with a remarkable climate, the profound understanding of its diverse soils, and an extraordinary precision in its winemaking." “The precision of the vintage, a result of the cooler weather, long harvest, and continued study of the property, is evident in the movement and texture of the wine. Already showing the hallmarks of a great age-worthy vintage, the 2018 Quintessa is both pleasurable to drink now and will continue to age with grace as it develops more savory notes and length to the finish over the next 20 years.,” – Rebekah Wineburg, Winemaker.  Tim Alberdi Redneck Wine Crew