Atlas Peak Napa Cabernet Winery $108.00 Redneck $49.97

Click Here to Buy The Atlas Peak Napa Cabernet Winery $108.00 Redneck $49.97

This one is a an unexpected surprise, never heard of the estate and the last thing I needed is another overpriced Napa Cabernet. But what the heck, I should at least try it. The rep left a sample bottle, so why not. Well surprise, surprise, the Cabernet really delivered and received two thumbs up from the entire staff. Was the quality worth the $108, the winery is offering it for? Maybe. But, $49.97? HELL YEAH! Big, rich, elegant, well integrated tannins and a finish any Cabernet lover will approve of. Not sure why they offered up such a sweet deal, but I did not ask. Grab it while you can. Stay safe, stay healthy and drink well. Tim Alberdi Redneck Wine Crew