Bargain Barolo King Of Wines $24.97

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Bargain and Barolo don't often go together in the same sentence. Here at Redneck they do though. Last night Tim dropped a taste of this wine in front of me and said, "What do you think of this Barolo?" As I tried it, my eyes must have seriously lit up, because he then asked me, "That good hu?" I think I literally said 'wow' before standing up to read the label on the bottle, aaand grab another quick pour of it of course! The part I wasn't expecting though was the price; this 2016 Tenute Neirano Barolo somehow has found its way to the Redneck Wine shelves with a retail price of $24.97. You almost never see quality (or any) Barolo at prices like that. Being from one of the best Barolo vintages in history, it tastes rich, balanced and you can really tell that the people who make this wine paid attention and care about the wines they produce. What more could you ask for? I really like this wine, and will be taking some home myself! David Werlin Redneck Wine Crew