Caymus Cabernet 1.0lt - Available Once A Month! Plus - Bonanza Cab $17.97

Click Here to Buy Caymus Cabernet 1.0lt Available Once A Month. Bonanza Cab $17.97

Here we go, our monthly Caymus reminder! Grab it while you can. This makes no sense, but these days little does. We are only able to purchase a certain amount of Caymus 1.0lt each month from the wholesaler. Why? I have no idea. I thought we were all in the business to sell wine? Grab your Caymus fix while you can, or just wait until next month I guess? Crazy crazy crazy. We do have the 'Baby Caymus', Bonanza Cabernet in stock to hold you over if you miss out this time. It can more than do the job for the price, that's for sure. Stay safe, stay healthy and drink well. Tim Alberdi Redneck Wine Company