Caymus Cabernet 1.0lt Deal, Bonanza and Caymus Special Select Game Plan

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We have come up with a Caymus drinking plan for the big game. So, the idea is to be drinking a Caymus product throughout the whole game! Since Tampa is the first team to host and play in the Super Bowl, let's start the game right and pop some Caymus Special Selection right away. That should get you through the first half! Then, since the halftime is always so long, why even bother opening some 750ml bottles and just move right into the Caymus Cabernet 1.0lt? It's 25% more wine to get through the halftime show. By then, everyone is feeling pretty good and possibly cannot tell the difference between Barefoot and Bordeaux. So that's when you breakout the $19.97 Bonanza Cabernet. Then, if we do win, what the heck?! Back to Special Select! I mean why not? GO BUCS!!!! Stay safe, stay healthy and drink well. Tim Alberdi Redneck Wine Company