Duckhorn Merlot is Back Along With 96pt Duckhorn Three Palms Merlot!

96pt Duckhorn Three Palms Merlot & 93pt Duckhorn Merlot

The Duckhorn Merlot has come back in stock again! This wine has been flying (no pun intended) off the shelves, so act quickly, this price is almost HALF what they charge at the winery. It's a fantastic bottle at the normal price, and a deal you can't pass up at $29.99! The Duckhorn Three Palms Merlot is a Duckhorn Vineyards premier bottle. The 2017 has 96 points, and a pedigree that speaks volumes. In 2017, the 2014 vintage (which scored lower than the bottles we have for sale today by the way) got Wine Spectator's Wine Of The Year! Get your bottles now for when this vintage inevitably grabs its own awards in the future. Stay safe, stay healthy and drink well. David Werlin Redneck Wine Company