Harken Chardonnay (AKA 'Baby Rombauer' ) Is Back now with 91pts! Full Flavor Chard At A Fraction Of The Price!

Click Here to Buy The Harken Chardonnay (AKA 'Baby Rombauer' ) Is Back! Full Flavor Chard At A Fraction Of The Price!

The Harken Barrel Fermented Chardonnay is one of those deals that everyone should get in on. We here at Redneck call it the 'Baby Rombauer' because it's if just FULL of rich, velvety fruit, layered with smooth toasted oak and vanilla with buttery goodness. Much the same way as a Rombauer Chard, but at a literal fraction of the price! If you love Chardonnay, or love someone who does, this is one to really stock up on. Heck, even if you don't love Chard, at $9.97 a bottle, you'll want some around just in case! Harken Chardonnay has become quite the go-to bottle for many of our customers already, and to them I say, click the button below and shop on! To those who haven't, if you want a rich, velvety Chardonnay that's easy on the wallet at the same time, you have definitely found a new favorite. Click the button below! Stay safe, stay healthy and drink well. David Werlin Redneck Wine Crew