One Of My Personal Top Cabernets Of The Year (Maybe The Best)

Click Here to Buy One Of My Personal Top Cabernets Of The Year (Maybe The Best)

I am fortunate to have tasted some great Napa Cabernet throughout the year, and all the famous names Phleps, Spottswoode, Cade, Chappellet, Vice Versa, Tor, Seven Stones (the winemaker is an ass, but his wines are great) on and on. I'm lucky. So every once in a while you taste something that makes you sit back and say, "WOW. Why have I not seen these wines before?" One of the great things about life and the wine business is there are always new discoveries. Some good, some not so much. For example when my daughter after a few glasses of wine proceeded to tell me she snuck out all the time, or my son telling me that he snuck girls in. Oh my, I hope my wife does not read this one. Some good happened though when I tasted the Tres Perlas 'Renteria 360' Oakville Cabernet Sauvignon 2017. I was hooked. One of the best Cabernets of the year and I bought few cases and was happy. Then the rep informed me that this wine is switching to 'winery only' sales. Oh shit, "how much do you have?" -not much- "I'll take it all!" I Understand that $160.00 per bottle is not a bargain, but in this case it is. The wine is a beauty now and I guarantee you in 2-3 years from now when you pop a bottle, well you might just sneak yourself out to drink some. Tim Alberdi Redneck Wine Crew