Rated 95 Points & Up! High-End German Wine Deals Made Easy

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A couple months back, Joe, Redneck Wine's resident German wine fan and geek, had this to say about some new J.J. Prum wines that had started to arrive: "If you haven't included these wines at your table lately, you should! They provide unique, Florida-friendly tasty alternatives to your routine." Since then, we have only gotten more fine bottles to choose from roll in! His words ring quite true, the German Rieslings command whatever table they appear on. You and anyone lucky enough to have you share, are very likely to say 'Wow!' like I did when I got some real exposure to these marks of craftsmanship. These bottles are noble and brilliant, and too often misunderstood. They can also take age better than almost any other white wines, so stash some away too. Click the button below and check out the collection of German Riesling that's all 95 points or higher- some of these are quite hard to find. Stay safe, stay healthy and drink well. David Werlin Redneck Wine Crew