Rose Trio - Three Different Regions, All Equally Delicious!

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Rose has made quite the comeback in the last few years. Seems like more and more people are in the know about how delicious, refreshing and just darn versatile this style of wine can be. We love seeing more people find out that these pink wonders aren't sugary sweet, and in fact are dry and crisp. That's what we call a good trend! Well, as the trend spreads more regions are ramping up production to make some outstandingly representative bottles of wine. We have Provence represented by Chateau Barbebelle Rose Fleuri. The 2020 vintage is fresh and lively, a real testament to the region that Rose was born out of. Not too far away, the Languedoc region makes this incredibly elegant Chateau Puech Haut Argali Rose 2019.If you've been drinking and loving Provence Rose for a while now and want a new accent on your glass of Rose, you've gotta try this one. Not to be left out, NY State has the (wildly popular) 2020 Wolffer Estate Summer In A Bottle Rose. Wow, really great to see the East Coast of the USA competing so well with the Old-School big boys. It tastes just like you corked up a summer day. Pure relaxation. Stay safe, stay healthy and drink well. David Werlin Redneck Wine Crew