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Unless you've been hiding under a wine barrel for the last 50 years, you have probably heard of Caymus Vineyards. Known for their power and smooth, rich full-bodied flavor, all their products have made (and continue to make) quite an impact on the wine world. That clout usually carries with it higher prices, but not today! This 2018 Caymus produced wine (no, it's not the Cabernet) got opened a few days ago here so the crew could check out the 2018 vintage, and we all agreed that this was a favorite of all their wines. We then found out that we could sell it for 50% off the regular retail price. That makes this wine a double favorite!  We've done a few of these secret code emails simply because they let us get the best deals on wine. We keep everyone happy, most importantly, you guys. Click the button under the picture, and enter the code below this text to shop now. Secret Code To Enter: favorite Stay safe, stay healthy and drink well. David Werlin Redneck Wine Crew