Take The Edge Off The Heat With Foucher LeBrun & Durand Sancerre! Shop Favorites!

Click Here to Buy The Foucher LeBrun & Durand Sancerre Shop Favorites to Take The Edge Off The Heat

Sancerre can get pretty pricy, and that's a shame because they really should be in more people's glasses. To help accomplish that, Redneck makes sure to have a few delicious Sancerre at some really bargain prices. Sancerre is such a prestigious white wine making region, it can even be a bit intimidating to pick one. For both those reasons we've got not one, but two shop favorites for you to grab today! The 2019 Reserve Durand ($22.99) & 2020 Domaine Foucher LeBrun 'Le Mont' Sancerre ($26.99) are both dazzling and refreshing, and they avoid the hefty price tag. These wines are just begging to be poured into your glass next to a cheese plate, by the pool, or even as you stroll around the neighborhood (don't judge me)! Plus, we just love 'em. Click below and grab yours now. Stay safe, stay healthy and drink well. David Werlin Redneck Wine Crew