Tampa Sports Teams and Champagne! Let's Pop Some Corks!

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What a time for sports in Tampa bay! The Rays with awful attendance, one the lowest payroll's in MLB, and guess what? They go to the World Series. Then the Lighting. Having grown up in Tallahassee, I never watched Hockey, that was a sport for more Northern places, I thought. Then I went to some games in Tampa, and I see what the Vinik family has done for the Tampa Bay area. How can you not root for these guys? And oh yea, they won the Stanley Cup! Now here comes the Super Bowl. The first time in history that a home team is playing in it's own Super Bowl. We have a star-studded cast of players that have come together (3 road playoff victories) to get to the big game. So am I getting ahead of myself on the celebration? Hell no! Just read above what Tampa sports have already accomplished. Pop some corks and toast the Bay. Hopefully Super Bowl Sunday will give us another reason to pop even more. Just be careful where you're aiming when you actually pop them (see below). Stay safe, stay healthy and drink well. Tim Alberdi Redneck Wine Company