The '$100 Cabernet Sauvignon Juice' At $29.97 Bottle Is Back

Click Here to Buy The '$100 Cabernet Sauvignon Juice' In A $29.97 Bottle - 2018 Typesetter Is Back

Made from some of the finest juice in Napa, from places like Calistoga, Pritchard Hill, and Coombsville, the 2018 Typesetter Cabernet Sauvignon is one of our best selling and favorite bottles here at Redneck Wine. I opened a bottle just a couple nights ago to 'refresh my memory' on the 2018 vintage and thought it was every bit as good as some Cabs at three times its price for sure. Loved it for the bold upfront Cab it is, but also for how approachable a glass is right away. It definitely has an elegance to it as well, which lets it be that much more appealing to everyone. It's grown quite the cult following, if you're not a part of it yet let me tell you, I'm pretty sure of all the cults out there, this is one of the best you could join. Try a bottle and be in the know! David Werlin Redneck Wine Crew